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JRP & Associates helps you get the most from what you have

Sometimes you just don't have the time, budget or bandwidth to explore what you can really get from your existing system. Just keeping things together is all you can take on right now. This is where JRP & Associates can give you that extra edge. We already paved the road and have created a number of time–saving and cost effective tools and solutions you can start using immediately.

Whether you need to create PDFs from your spool file output, get the right data to the right person immediately, or print bar coded labels directly from your database without costly third–party label design packages – JRP & Associates has already done it for you.

JRP e/Notifier Server

The JRP e/Notifier Sever is a modular application designed to automatically send email messages to pre–designated recipients depending on events that transpire on the iSeries enterprise system. The primary components include the integration layer, the event server and mail modules. [Learn more...]

iSeries Advanced Toolkit

A collection of tools, utilities and know–how, designed to provide you with maximum benifit without a high price tag. [Learn more...]