JDR & Associates

iSeries Advanced Toolkit

High value without high cost

Have you considered all the extra functionality that you know is available from your iSeries, but just don't have the time to address it? And how do you keep delivering the most from your system and hold down costs? JRP & Associates has the answer — the iSeries Advanced Toolkit. This high–value collection of tools, utilities and know–how is ready to go, and is designed to provide you with maximum benefit without a high price tag. Look at the value waiting for you:

Forms Replacement

Eliminate your pre–printed forms and the need for costly forms overlay applications. JRP & Associates can create any form you populate with data from your iSeries using spool file output to print professional looking output each and every time with crisp, laser sharp results. For example:

  • Purchase Orders
  • Pick Slip
  • Bills of Lading
  • Credit Memos
  • Quotes
  • PO Receiver
  • Packing Slip
  • Invoices
  • A/R Statements
  • Time Cards
. . . and much more!

Event–Driven Notification Introducing e/Notifier, an iSeries–based real–time notification system, designed to alert the personnel you designate of occurrences on your iSeries system. You choose which transactions and events need to trigger messages to the people who need to know and e/Notifier does the rest. Featuring modular design, easy setup and configuration, and quick implementation, e/Notifier lets you achieve a return on your investment immediately.

Create PDFs from Spool Files

Use open source tools to convert spool file output to PDF format (including overlays). Automatically store PDF documents on the iSeries Integrated File System (IFS). JRP & Associates can show you how!

Bar Code Label Printing

Create and print professional, crisp bar code and/or human readable labels directly from your iSeries database. No more need for expensive forms designer applications or a stand–alone PC for immediate results! Label your inbound shipments, warehouse racks, WIP inventory or outbound customer orders.

Web Applications

Extend your iSeries data and functionality to the Internet in a fraction of the time and cost normally associated with Web development. JRP & Associates are experts with PlanetJ's Web Object Wizard (WOW). This powerful and full–featured toolset allows for quick design, development and rollout of web apps faster than ever before.

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