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e/Notifier Architecture and Specifications

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The JRP e/Notifier Sever is a modular application designed to automatically send email messages to pre–designated recipients depending on events that transpire on the iSeries enterprise system. The primary components include the integration layer, the event server and mail modules.

System Diagram

Intgration Layer

Business Event Connector.

Uses custom code inserted into existing iSeries routines to trap specific business events.

Email Address Connector.

Retrieves email addresses from the e/Notifier database or iSeries ERP database. Can be directly attached to the ERP master files (Customer, Vendor, Employee, etc) or ad–hoc during user–initiated events.

Event Server

Email Event Queuer.

Adds defined events to a data queue for further processing.

Email Event Processor.

This consists of two modules. The first module pulls events from the queue, determines the event type, retrieves the necessary data for the specific event, and dispatches to the second module.

The second module determines the list of email recipients and which email template to use. It then constructs the final email message by merging data with the template, and then forwards the email message to the Mailer.

Mail Modules


Open source Java code that forwards an email message to an SMTP server. Requires JRE 1.4 or higher.

Apache James SMTP Server.

Open source Java mail server running on Java 1.4 or higher. Performs DNS lookup through your ISPšs DNS servers and sends each email to the designated recipient(s).