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What makes a company special? At JRP & Associates, we believe it is a combination of knowledge, dedication, expertise, and commitment to complete customer satisfaction. And it's also a trust that is built by working with you as a partner to identify and solve your problems. One of our unique strengths is developing relationships that endure the test of time. Our customers keep coming back – the best testimony to our service oriented philosophy.

We bring a long and impressive history of in–depth expertise to the IBM mid–range marketplace. Our team excels at pinpointing customer requirements and delivering the solution that you need, on time and on budget.

What does this mean for you? Increased productivity and efficiency with a rapid ROI – all directed at improving your bottom line. Whether you need to augment your staff, create new applications or deliver online functionality to the Web, JRP & Associates is your trusted partner that can make it happen.

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Real-Time Messaging for Your Entire Team

eNotifiere/Notifier is the solution you need to guarantee that the people who need to know critical information NOW get it NOW. Notify anyone within your organization or beyond the enterprise with e/Notifier. This real–time system allows you to determine who needs to be notified depending on the situation, and uses pre–defined templates to send out up–to–the–minute messages. Easy–to–install and simple to use, e/Notifier delivers instant payback once it's set up. Click here for more.


IBM i Green Screen Web Enablement and Modernization

PrestoJRP & Associates has partnered with Computer Business Design (BCD) to bring you the amazing PRESTO, a rapid Web application development tool that allows you to re-use your existing RPG applications and roll out full-featured Web applications in a fraction of the time you would spend using traditional methods. And less development time means faster ROI. Click here to learn more about PRESTO.

The Right Tools at the Right Price

Test Drive the iSeries Toolkit

Announcing JRP & Associates' innovative and cost effective package for maximizing your system's efficiency and productivity. With the iSeries Toolkit you can get the most from your applications without spending a fortune. Take advantage of these tools, utilities, techniques and time savers now. Click here for more information!